Whitney Pastorek
April 11, 2007 AT 07:58 PM EDT

I don’t know about you, PopWatchers, but when I woke up this morning there was only one thought on my mind: Might there be any way for the NHL to make its upcoming hockey playoffs even more exciting?

Well, bang your sticks on the ice because YES in FACT there IS!!! God bless ’em, the makers of America’s favorite major sport — TV viewers number in the thousands! — have drafted a flotilla of celebrities to blog their way through the quest for the Stanley Cup. Here’s your starting lineups:

For the Western Conference: Amy Grant! Willa Ford! Miss Minnesota 2006, Nicole Swanson! Brendan Fehr! And representing my* Anaheim “Still Mighty” Ducks, Brian Baumgartner from The Office!

For the Eastern Conference: David Boreanaz! William “Crazy Eyes” Fichtner! Tom Cavanagh! Lil’ Jon (pictured)! Dave Annable! And, because it just makes sense, Christie Brinkley!

addCredit(“Lil’ Jon: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images”)

I can’t tell you why this is awesome, PopWatchers. I’m just going tolet you discover that for yourselves. Today’s contest: Read the blogsand pull out what you consider to be the finest celebrity-pennedsentence available. Winner gets… I dunno, whatever I can find in myoffice that’s hockey-related. I’ll start, from the Uptown Girl herself:”Another time, our guy Hill was behind the goal and his stick got mixedin with the other players, and he dropped it (deliberately I thought)so they didn’t call a penalty on him. But they did.” YES!LOVE THATHOCKEY ACTION!!

[*Note: I do not really follow hockey, but my friend Brian takesme to Ducks games sometimes when I am in L.A., and he buys me Carl’sJr., and I will admit that, not unlike Christie Brinkley, I kinda likebeing in the arena. Especially when Wildwing gets crazy.]

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