Michael Slezak
April 16, 2007 AT 11:45 PM EDT

So how about this new ad for Excedrin: Back and Body (apparently starring fitness model Rusty Joiner — and no I did not make up that name) with the opening line, “Let nothing stop you in the pursuit of your passion”? Apparently, this dude’s passion involves sprinting stony-faced (and shirtless) through an urban landscape, across the bridge and into the woodlands, and right through a scenic lake, his muscles glistening in the sunlight all the while. My passion? Well, suffice to say, it’s more along the lines of “stuff face with new variety of Gorgonzola purchased at Shop-Rite, pair with tasty German Riesling, settle in for evening of Dancing With the Stars/The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.” Which makes me pretty certain this product’s probably not for me. Waah-waaah.

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