Michael Slezak
April 16, 2007 AT 07:06 PM EDT

And the newest enrollee at the Network Crime Procedural Guest-Starring Academy for Typecasted Celebrities (frequented by Michael Gross, Chevy Chase, and, well, the list goes on and on) is…Joey Lawrence! Yes, PopWatchers, the Blossom star, most recently seen trying to untangle himself from Edyta Sliwinska’s legs on last season’s Dancing With the Stars (pictured), will play a serial killer who’s freed on a technicality, then hunted by Gary Sinise’s Mac, on the April 25 episode of CSI: NY. Talk about trying to shake off your career whoas! (Badum bum.)

Anyhow, Joey’s bold move got me thinking about another Joey who could benefit from a little image makeover: Matt LeBlanc, whose post-Joey IMDB page is blanker than Sendhil Ramamurthy’s facial expressions on Heroes. Seriously, I’m thinking a hunting knife, a little blood splatter, and a tense interrogation scene with Mariska Hargitay is exactly what LeBlanc needs to revitalize his post-Friends career. And look! No talking chimps! Who do you nominate for a spot at the NCPGSATC? (Yeah, that acronym is especially heinous. Please forgive.) 

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