Shirley Halperin
April 17, 2007 AT 04:18 PM EDT

Not to bog you PopWatchers down with celebrity sightings, but even I was impressed by the turnout to Kenna’s private party/mini-show at L.A.’s Element last night. The Ethiopian-born, genre-defying performer wowed a crowd of several hundred, and among the throngs were both Simpson sisters (Ashlee, who we previously reported is working with Kenna on her new album, was grinding up to her new boyfriend, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, while a tanorexic Jessica looked like she was just along for the ride), No Doubt’s Tony Kanal, Zach Braff (propping himself up on a couch to get a better sightline), and his Scrubs costar Donald Faison, who was seen getting chummy with Jessica’s former assistant, CaCee Cobb. Nearby, Eve watched closely, and across the way, Pharrell, who with Neptunes partner Chad Hugo produced Kenna’s heralded debut, New Sacred Cow, was also paying attention. Quite the scene, my friends. Check out some performance footage below… The audio is so-so, I know… And the video’s not so great, either. I guess, that’s why I’m a writer. But take my word for it, Kenna rocked this Hollywood house.

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