Whitney Pastorek
April 18, 2007 AT 08:29 PM EDT

Via my pals over at Stereogum comes the news that Lily Allen has canceled most of her American tour dates. Here’s an excerpt from her not-edited-by-publicists blog:

I have been on tour with this album for a year now , I have fulfilled every commitment up to this point . I am tired , but more than that I don’t think I have been giving my best performances recently . I have been getting really drunk because i’ve been so nervous about doing bad shows , and I don’t want people spending money on a going to see a show that isnt the best it could be .

Regular readers of this blog can imagine why I’m particularly impressed by this decision on her part. Granted, I hadn’t bought a ticket to her show or anything — so it’s not like I’ve got a personal stake in the matter — but I think (all binge drinking aside) this reflects a great deal of maturity on her part. I saw the prom queen at SXSW and enjoyed her set a great deal — it was the perfect combination of cheeky and apathetic — but I can see where it could easily have taken a tilt towards the unfortunate if she’d been even slightly more tired/drunk/cranky. Also where she and her taffeta could have tumbled right off the stage.

Does it reflect more or less character that she’s taking this selfish, self-preservational step? Did you have tickets and are you annoyed? Are there other acts you can think of who could use similar time off?

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