Owen Gleiberman and Lisa Schwarzbaum
April 20, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Critics’ picks for summer 2007


1 Ocean’s Thirteen
In Ocean’s Eleven, Steven Soderbergh’s merry men raised fooling around to an art form; in Ocean’s Twelve, they were just fooling around. My hunch is that they realize they owe us one.

2 No End in Sight
You may think you know how badly the Iraq war was planned, but this devastating documentary leaves you seething. It’s the rare political film that could make a difference in the real world.

3 Knocked Up
Judd Apatow’s second film after The 40 Year-Old Virgin is the tale of a one-night stand gone pregnant. Sounds about as humane as summer movies get.

4 Rescue Dawn
Christian Bale as a Vietnam POW may seem like iffy material, but I’m hoping Werner Herzog has created another grandly stark fable of endurance.

5 The Bourne Ultimatum
No one can stage action like Paul Greengrass. He makes it real — the perfect fantasy antidote.


1 28 Weeks Later
A sequel to the great, disturbing, politically resonant zombie/epidemic movie 28 Days Later? I could tear my flesh off with excitement. I hope it looks as dark and dangerous as the original.

2 Paprika
I’m cheating here, because I’ve seen this futuristic Japanese anime marvel, and I’m telling you, it’s not to be missed.

3 Knocked Up
I don’t usually pay attention to buzz, but I’ve been hearing so much about how funny this sex-ed romp is that I’m ready to laugh, months in advance.

4 The Simpsons Movie
Imagine the voice of Homer when I say, Please, please, please make this good. It’s got to be, when the TV show is one of the greatest cultural texts in the history of the medium. Right?

5 Rush Hour 3
Punk’d! A third round of Jackie Chan, diminished physically, and Chris Tucker, undiminished vocally, fills me with summer-season tristesse.

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