Missy Schwartz
April 20, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

In April 20’s Vacancy, Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson become the unwitting targets of a motel snuff film, while John Cusack has an unpleasant stay in July’s 1408. It’s all making us nostalgic for other doomed movie lodgings.

PSYCHO (1960)
Fugitive Janet Leigh checks into the Bates Motel — then gets butchered in the shower by Anthony Perkins’ knife-wielding, mom-channeling maniac.

Where to begin? Blood-gushing elevators, spooky twins, a ghastly old lady in the tub. And that’s before Jack Nicholson yells, ”Heeere’s Johnny!” while swinging an ax.

A hotel becomes an inferno when John Goodman’s serial killer runs down an inflamed hallway with a shotgun, curiously shouting, ”I’ll show you the life of the mind!”

Ten strangers are terrorized in a motel by a murderer. And it’s poor John Cusack (who must really hate hotels by now) who finds Rebecca De Mornay’s head in a dryer.

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