Shirley Halperin
April 25, 2007 AT 08:15 PM EDT

It was Heather Mills’ last stand on Tuesday night, as the former Mrs. Paul McCartney and her partner, Jonathan Roberts, were voted off Dancing with the Stars six couples away from the finish line. Admittedly, it was a long, impressive run for Heather, who told me people (“90 percent with two left feet, 10 percent amputees”) are now constantly calling her an inspiration. “Especially, the two-left people,” she said. “Those who aren’t confident enough to try dancing and they go, ‘Come on, get it together. If she can do it, I gotta do it.'”

So who does Heather predict will take the ballroom crown? (She’s given it some thought.)
“I think Apolo will win, then Joey, then Laila, then either Billy Ray or Ian. Probably Billy Ray.”
Jonathan: “I think Joey will win.”
“I don’t think Joey will win if it’s done properly, because he’s got a lot of dance experience. I love him to bits and Kym is my favorite dancer, but I think Apolo deserves to win because he was never a dancer and he’s exceptional at it for someone who’s just beginning. Plus, Julianne’s a great teacher. We’ll be watching and supporting.”

(To talk about Heather’s last performance and her ouster, be sure to check out Annie Barrett’s TV Watch.)

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