Joshua Rich
April 25, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Psyched to go see Spider-Man 3 when it finally opens next week, huh? Me too! Then again, I haven’t bought my tickets yet, so maybe I’m not as big a fan as you are. But I’m wondering: Have you already purchased seats for one of the first screenings next Friday? If so, why? Are you worried that the showing you want to go to will sell out? Do you want to see it on an IMAX screen and you know that tickets to those shows are particularly hard to come by? Or is it merely that you’re a big fan and, well, you know, just because?

It’s a simple query, really, but it speaks to a larger issue that has been on my mind: Hasn’t the whole advance ticket sales and Internet thing ruined that time-honored movie-geek tradition of camping out in line for days on end, dolled up to the nines in your best Doc Ock garb, drooling over the chance to get a prime seat at the first show? Is nothing sacred anymore? What does your spider sense tell you, PopWatchers?

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