Michael Slezak
April 27, 2007 AT 05:05 PM EDT

So a few months back, EW.com tried out a nifty new feature in which O.C. fans got their questions answered by series creator Josh Schwartz — and that got us thinking of approaching other pop-culture favorites in the same way. It’s a win-win, if you’ll excuse the expression: It turns out you PopWatchers have some mad interviewing skillz, and by putting you to work, it allows me to take the occasional two-hour lunch breakspend more time reenacting cherished Arrested Development scenes with Annie “plate or platter” Barrett…brainstorm new adjectives with which to describe the current crop of American Idol finalists.So anyhow, we’re hoping your next interview subject will be Heroes‘ Masi Oka, whose winning portrayal of Hiro Nakamura has made him one of the biggest breakout stars of the current TV season. Try to be as specific as possible with your questions, and keep in mind we’ll be choosing career-related questions over personal ones. (In other words, we’re not subjecting him to the old “are you single?” routine.) So go ahead and post your best questions for Masi Oka about his career, his work on Heroes, and the burden of saving the planet — though don’t expect to ask a spoiler-y question and get an answer!

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