Michael Slezak
April 30, 2007 AT 09:28 PM EDT

Adrian Pasdar turns 42 today, and I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect way to celebrate the occasion. A group rendition of “Happy Birthday” won’t cut it, since he’s married to Dixie Chick Natalie Maines, and our version will come up short by comparison. We could all tune in to Heroes tonight, but weren’t you planning on doing that anyway? So instead, let’s watch some old YouTube clips (here, here, and below) from Pasdar’s terrific 1996 Fox drama, Profit, a series that was pulled before its time, but lives on thanks to the magic of DVD. Or, in my case, via VCR. Yeah, I’m one of the sad sacks who bought the entire (super expensive) series run off eBay long before it got an official DVD release. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Um, it was totally worth shelling out $100 for a tape of a tape of somebody’s grainy, pre-digital-cable recording — mid-’90s commercials and all. If that’s not enough to make the birthday boy’s day, then he could always get an ego-boost re-reading Mandi Bierly’s PopWatch item about how one of our colleagues plans to make a test-tube baby using some of Pasdar’s saved saliva. Would I make this stuff up?

addCredit(“Heroes: Paul Drinkwater”)

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