Michael Slezak
April 30, 2007 AT 08:50 PM EDT

I’m having some mixed feelings about last night’s episode of Brothers & Sisters — particularly in regard to Rebeccagate. For starters, I found it unbelievably  odd that Joe didn’t just lie down and take his lumps after admitting his indiscretion to Sarah. I mean, buddy, you made out with your wife’s recently discovered half-sister. You do not, under any circumstance, get to play the outrage card — not even if wifey plays the “you’re a failed musician and not the object of my sexual fantasies” card.

Secondly, while I was admittedly fascinated by the revelation that Rebecca was a more-than-willing participant in the smooch (and that, in fact, she wanted the encounter to go further), I’m also worried the writers have painted her character into a corner. At this point, she’s become so unlikable (calling her mother a whore? Really?) that I’ll find it hard to ever think of her as anything other than the show’s resident twentysomething villain, albeit one with a penchant for really cheesy pickup lines like, “You have really good hands — strong and soft at the same time.”

addCredit(“Matthew Rhys: Ron Tom”)

Finally, is anyone buying the plot twist of mother lioness Norawillingly opening her guest bedroom to Rebecca? The idea that Norawould put anyone else’s happiness before her own child’s seemsinconceivable — and seriously out of character. I can’t wait to seeSarah’s response to mom’s new houseguest.

On the plus side, it was fun seeing Holly return to action afterbeing relegated to the sidelines in recent episodes, and PatriciaWettig seemed to delight in delivering the night’s best zinger: “Keepyour washed-up husband away from my little girl!” That said, nothingbeat the subplot with Little Paige (Kerris Dorsey) distracting UncleKevin (Matthew Rhys, pictured) during a game of Connect Four bygrilling him about the state of same-sex marriage and his own lack of aboyfriend. I loved his explanation that “Some people aren’trelationship types. Like George Clooney. And me. And George Clooney,”but better still was his observation that Paige will be a killeraddition when she’s old enough to take on the Jones family at gamenight.

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