Annie Barrett
May 02, 2007 AT 08:13 PM EDT

I wish it wasn’t so, but it had to happen: On Dancing With the Stars, John and MVP of Life Edyta got the boot last night. Obviously, John should have outlasted the less-talented Billy Ray Cyrus, but that dude’s got fans, and you don’t mess with country music fans.

This week’s elimination show was waaaaay more entertaining than usual. We reveled in the open-shirted brilliance of Louis Van Amstel Light and Alec Mazo’s adorable troupe of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Adults dancing kids. And Tom Bergeron shared a bed with two men. And the somewhat haunting Meat Loaf showed up to scare away any remaining specter of Heather Mills and what Billy Ray might call her “veganocracy.”

But what truly upped last night’s game was Dancecenter, the SportsCenter spoof hosted by national treasure Kenny Mayne, season 2 fave Jerry Rice, and the ever-crotchety Len Goodman. These segments were hysterical, featuring animated scribbling (Joey’s butt: “BIG!!” Apolo’s goatee: “??”) and stat boxes (pictured). Kenny’s deadpan aggression — like when he barked at Len, “Answer the question!” — is exactly the type of wink-wink commentary this show needs. Not to mention, he and Jerry sported diamond-dotted shirts without the slightest acknowledgment. Bring Dancecenter back! Who’s with me? And what did you think about last night’s elimination?

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