Vanessa Juarez
May 04, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

+ Sigourney Weaver will join Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in Michael McCullers’ comedy Baby Mama. Weaver will star as ”the head of a very-much-for-profit fertility clinic,” says Fey, whose character is a client with a ticking biological clock. Poehler plays Fey’s trashy surrogate, who, says producer John Goldwyn, ”breaks up with her boyfriend and moves in with Tina.”

+ Director David Goyer and scribe Sheldon Turner will explore X-Men villain Magneto’s tragic side as a Holocaust survivor in a spin-off (the second, following Hugh Jackman’s upcoming Wolverine). ”In the first three X-Men movies, Professor X and Magneto are enemies,” says an insider. ”The backstory is they were best friends.” Plus: Expect an Ian McKellen cameo.

+ Isla Fisher will star as The Cookie Queen, whose all-time Girl Scout cookie sales record is threatened by a fifth grader. Says Jeremy Haft, who penned the script with Ed Gonzalez: ”It’s always fun to see adults take on a little kid.” One box of Thin Mints, please.

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