Jeff Labrecque
May 04, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Older folks probably can’t hear ”Moon River” without thinking of Andy Williams or Audrey Hepburn, but to many men who grew up in the mid-1980s, the tune is permanently associated with rectal examinations. Many thanks, Irwin Fletcher, a.k.a. Fletch (Chevy Chase), the undercover reporter who stumbles upon L.A. corruption, beautiful married women, and Dr. Jellyfinger. Equal parts Cary Grant and Bugs Bunny, Fletch typified the dry, precise wit that appealed to a generation of guys who grew up watching David Letterman. Just the way Fletch flipped off his boss (with the three unoffending fingers retracted at right angles) and punctuated random phrases with ”Excuse you?” or ”I love your body, Larry” became touchstones for the self-proclaimed clever and hip. Of course, it never sounded quite the same when we said it. After all, he’s Chevy Chase and we’re not. EXTRAS Ever wonder why Fletch so hated Tommy Lasorda? In a 28-minute making-of doc, screenwriter Andrew Bergman reveals that the famous baseball manager cameoed in a deleted sports-fantasy sequence that featured Fletch pitching for his Dodgers. Unfortunately, all the cut scenes have been lost. As has Chase, who skips an opportunity to reflect on his favorite film. His absence makes this refresher course slightly less satisfying than a nice steak sandwich and a…steak sandwich. B

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