Annie Barrett
May 04, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The WTF factor of Survivor challenges has been laughably out of control for a few seasons now (remember the Hobbit-esque one earlier this season featuring floating cages, a ring of keys, and “lilypads”?) But has anything been quite so disgusting as last night’s reward challenge, in which handcuffed contestants (pictured, top) had to gnaw meat off a big swinging slab of pork like it was the almighty 2001 monolith (bottom)? Gross! Hated the idea. Did get a sick, cannibalistic thrill out of watching it. Hated myself.

What do you think? Should they hire some fresh idea-comer-uppers at that show? Pretty soon we’ll be watching the survivors bobbing for tarantulas in barrels of sand, with Probst leaning over them: “Remember, the goal of this challenge is to not die.”

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