Michael Slezak
May 14, 2007 AT 10:37 PM EDT

[This item contains spoilers about last night’s episode. You have been warned.] Okay, so that headline is misleading. I love the drama on Brothers & Sisters — well, at least when it’s built around Nora and Holly engaging in a food-fight catfight, or Kevin bedding a closeted Hollywood hunk, or even Sarah dealing with the meltdown of her marriage to the dude with the strange mouth. But last night’s episode, which focused on the death of one of Tommy and Julia’s newborn twins, was so unrelentingly bleak it seemed completely at odds with what B&S is all about: Escapist melodrama that never forgets there’s laughter even in life’s worst moments. Seriously, I don’t think I chuckled once during the entire hour. Which means that next week’s season finale had better bring back Margot Kidder’s loopy Emily Craft, and send milquetoast Tommy and Julia back to the background. (Perhaps the duo could be sent to the Milford Academy!)

Stranger still, though, scads of small but important details seemed completely off last night. Why was the box for Kitty’s engagement ring so massive? And where did the Senator manage to hide it? (Was there an unseen fanny pack in the mix?) Why did the Senator drag Junkie Brother to the V.A. hospital for a refresher course on the importance of wartime medics when J.B. had already made peace in recent weeks with the reality of his redeployment? Also, what kind of hospital would let Julia (Sara Jane Morris, pictured) stroll through its scenic, park-like courtyard less than 24 hours after a difficult, premature delivery? Finally, did anyone else notice something peculiar about the casting of Julia and Tommy’s surviving twin, Elizabeth? I realize it’s probably hard to snag a preemie for a primetime TV shoot, but couldn’t they have found one who was white? And not made of plastic?

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