Bethonie Butler
May 14, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

America Ferrera’s teeth are overshadowed by a mouth o’ metalon the hit show Ugly Betty, but in real life, her smile is worth $10 million. At least that’s what Aquafresh thinks — the company has reportedly takenout a policy with Lloyds of London insuring the actress’smile for precisely that amount. Ferrera is working with AquafreshWhite Trays in the company’s support of Smiles for Success, an organization that advocates free dental services for unemployed women.

This got me thinking, PopWatchers: If you could insure anything in pop culture,what would it be?  My cube neighbor,Chris Schonberger, says he would insure R. Kelly’s “facade of youth, so that he never stopssinging about bumping and grinding” (though I think he might be alone on that one). And me? I’d insure the overall Mimi-ness of my idol, Mariah Carey… take that, Glitter!

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