Michael Slezak
May 21, 2007 AT 08:06 PM EDT

It’s hard not to view Donald Trump’s announcement that he’s moving on from The Apprentice to a “major new TV venture” as a case of a dude bolting out of his office yelling “I quit! I quit!” just seconds before the interoffice-mail envelope containing his pink slip lands on his desk. After all, NBC had failed to include The Donald’s fading reality franchise on its fall schedule, and while the network had until June 1 to decide the show’s fate, it was looking likely that the real-estate titan was about to be on the receiving end of his own famous catchphrase.

The demise of The Apprentice doesn’t really affect me much one way or the other, though, except for the fact that it means I’ll go to my grave never having seen a full episode of the show. Oh, sure, I may have caught the occasional moment or two during post-Survivor channel-surfing a couple years back, and yes, I couldn’t resist the first few episodes of its spin-off, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, but I never indulged in the original flavor.

Which makes me wonder about you, PopWatchers: Is there a super-popular series (either current or off-the-air) that you’re willing to admit you never watched? Share your pop-cultural blind spot in the comments section below!

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