Michael Slezak
May 21, 2007 AT 07:44 PM EDT

If I ran Idol, no contestant would ever be allowed to sing the same song twice during the course of the competition. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know these kids always say how hard it is to learn two or three songs in a week, what with minimal prep time and a super-hectic schedule, but think about it: Wouldn’t it stink if Project Runway‘s designers made the same dress twice? Or the final two Top Model wannabes re-did a photo shoot from earlier in the season? (I can only imagine how fourth-place finisher Dionne might react.)

That said, I doubt Idol is going to change its finale formula, which means Jordin and Blake will each be performing a greatest hit come Tuesday night. Since the former contestant already rehashed “I (Who Have Nothing)” in the final three, I’d have her return to her sensational country-night number, “A Broken Wing,” a big, booming ballad that allows the teenage sparkplug to get her angst on without getting shrill.

As for Blake, while on paper, it might make sense for him to recreate the season’s ultimate water-cooler moment, that love-it-or-hate-it remix of “You Give Love a Bad Name,” I think it’d be a mistake. I mean, Blake’s biggest asset all season has been his ability to surprise the viewing audience — so why would he do the one thing everyone’s expecting and revisit Bon Jovi week? I’d rather hear him replay Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know,” and remind Idol fans that, yeah, he’s actually got a strong and lovely singing voice; then, he can apply his patented beatboxing technique on his “contestant’s choice” song. By employing that kind of audacious strategy, dude might just have a fighting chance against the effervescent Arizona teen. 

But that’s just my take. What “greatest hit” would you have Jordin and Blake revisit this week, and why?

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