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'Lost' (S3): 5 things you WON'T see tonight

No tease this week -- the Doc wants to see what unfolds in real time -- but that doesn't stop a ''Lost'' executive producer from having a little fun with us. Plus: commentary by blogger J. Wood, and theories Doc J hasn't pursued -- yet

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‘Lost’ (S3): 5 things you WON’T see tonight


Your cryptic preview for the two-hour season finale of Lost is as follows:


Sorry. I just don’t want to know ANYTHING before tonight. I’ve made it nearly two weeks without peeking at any of the fan sites out there that purportedly have every last detail of the season finale — about what happens to Charlie, about the game-changing twist that will alter the show forever, about the outcome of the clash between the castaways and the Others. And if you wish, you can hunt those spoilers down yourself — but don’t you dare share them with me. I don’t want to know. I feel like I know too much already, due to the nature of my job. But I don’t know what this ”rattlesnake in a mailbox” game-changer is, and I don’t know who ”wins” the beach battle royal. It’s been a long, sometimes frustrating journey, this tumultuous third season of Lost — but I think the show is finishing very strong, and better, seems poised to head into this very, very long seven-month hiatus stronger than ever. For all of those who’ve stuck it out and kept the faith, it’s time to reap a wonderful reward — the joy of total mind-spinning, capture-the-imagination surprise. And I think we’ve all learned that’s what we REALLY want from Lost. Not ”answers,” but rather ”inspiration.” Fire our imaginations. For the past eight weeks since ”Expose,” Lost has been doing just that, and since ”One of Them,” it’s been doing that better than ever. (Just my opinion.) This is my last look at Lost for a long while. I want to enter into it with no expectations other than to be dazzled. And that won’t happen if I’m spoiled. So…no tease. Just hope that tonight’s episode will live up to the past eight weeks of mounting, intensifying awesomeness. Will it succeed? Come back tomorrow for my last Lost TV Watch of the season and we’ll pass judgment.

With all that said, I do have a treat for you. I asked executive producer Damon Lindelof if he might be willing to tell us what we WON’T be seeing on tonight’s finale. He obliged — and then some. Here, Lindelof offers something we at EW love more than anything: a list!


5. Rose quietly snuffing the life out of Bernard by holding his nostrils closed while looking distractedly at Aaron’s car seat.

4. Hurley feeling a great disturbance in the Force (”as if many voices cried out and were suddenly silent”) because his cousin back in Valencia, Calif., was blown up in a nuclear explosion and no one seemed to give a crud.

3. Kate and Juliet doing each other’s hair and nicknaming Jack ”McIntensey” and Sawyer ”McMurderedTheManWhoConnedHisParentsy.”

2. A character travelling back in time to warn all the other characters to do something, but by doing that something, they prevent a future that might have happened but never did had the character not travelled back in time, thus negating the entire reason behind everything.

1. Sanjaya.

As to what you WILL see?


Jack not only smiles once…he smiles TWICE.

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