Adam B. Vary
May 23, 2007 AT 02:00 PM EDT

…at the May 21 premiere of Knocked Up, written and directed by the insanely busy Judd Apatow.

PopWatch: So what’s it like to be in the Judd Apatowian comedy universe?
Seth Rogen (pictured, right): It’s fun!
Paul Rudd (left): It is fun. I think it might even beat being in the Oliver Stonian universe.
Rogen: It might be. But not topping the Stanley Tuccian universe.
Rudd: Or the Stanley Kubrickian universe. What about the Steven Spielbergian universe?
Rogen: I’d like to dip in there maybe once or twice. The Paul Verhoevian universe would be nice.
Rudd: That would be interesting. What I’d really like involved with would be the Scorsesian universe. Or the Woody Allenian universe.
Rogen: The Eric Bogosian universe! That would be great too.

And if Ben Stiller hadn’t come over and stolen them away, I imagine they would’ve just kept going.

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