Annie Barrett
May 25, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Bluth Company devotees, listen up: George Michael is looking for a job again*, this time as a TV writer. The first episode of Michael Cera and Clark Duke’s new Web series Clark and Michael has been posted here. CBS is involved with the show — a short-form comedy series featuring a lot of sitting, staring, and scripting lines like “What you just said — write that down as a line… period.” These two definitely make me feel less lazy, which I always welcome. Look for fellow Arrested Development alum Tony Hale as a network exec. David Cross, Andy Richter, Jonah Hill, and AD creator Mitchell Hurwitz (who’s a dead ringer for Michael Bluth in this “Chinese Fireworks” clip) will also cameo in future episodes, posted each week.

*Oh, I thought you meant, like, a plumber or something… and I was like, When did that happen?

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