Annie Barrett
June 01, 2007 AT 04:09 AM EDT

Or just The Hott? (Sorry.) posted your insightful Dancing With the Stars commentary of the day (because I clearly won’t be writing one): Why DWTS is the new Baywatch. I don’t agree with everything it says (for example, the part about “John Hurley” winning season 1), but it’s an interesting comparison. That flashy intro segment, in which the couples shake their thangs down the glass steps, has always struck me as the swimsuit portion of a beauty pageant…which pretty much does equal Baywatch. I always find it hilarious when one or two of the women have a less revealing outfit on than the others and it’s almost like they’re ashamed they couldn’t make a sluttier entrance for the rabid crowd. Wait ’til next time, when I show up in a thong, they’re thinking. Or if it’s Edyta, just leg-warmers. (I think our photo diva Katy was playing a sick trick on me by selecting Laila’s worst outfit ever, but you get the point. No shirt on Maks. The Baywatch effect goes both ways.)

Speaking of salivating over Dancing… If you missed our video interviews with season 4 winner Apolo Anton Ohno, check ’em out here, then here. He refrigerates his Peanut M&M’s. I love this guy!

Related rumor of the day: Is DWTS about to get Scarier and Spicier? (Says an ABC rep: “We don’t comment on casting.”)

So ‘fess up: Does anyone watch Dancing With the Stars just for the hot bods? Why is this better than, say, porn? AND HAVE YOU NO RESPECT FOR THE PASO DOBLE?!

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