Michael Slezak
June 01, 2007 AT 08:42 PM EDT

Yesterday, May 31, marked the cutoff point for eligibility in the 2007 Emmy race, and that means today I can begin ranting about how it’s a matter of vital national importance that Ugly Betty‘s Vanessa (L. Yeah) Williams (pictured) and Battlestar Galactica‘s Michael Hogan score nominations come July 19.

As you may recall, I was “hellaciously upset” when the Golden Globes snubbed L. Yeah for a supporting actress nod back in December, but with a whole season of Betty underneath her white fur hat, there’s no way she can be denied. I mean, all those fusty voters need to do is peruse some of her finest moments on YouTube — the carnivorous foot-soak, the seeing-eye gay, the violent stairwell altercation with Marc — and they’ll have to put her name on the ballot. There is not a single woman on the small screen who scores bigger or more consistent laughs than Williams — and her ill-fated mid-season romance with Ted LeBeau (Brett Cullen) proved she can do more than just high camp.

addCredit(“Vanessa Williams: Scott Garfield”)

In the drama department, as much as I’d love to see Battlestar get some long-overdue Emmy respect, I’m not terribly optimistic. It’s sci-fi, after all, and that’s a tough sell at the Emmys. That said, if voters check out even a small sampling of Hogan’s MVP-worthy work as one-eyed Col. Saul Tigh — from his execution of his tragically traitorous wife to that mind-blowing season-finale revelation — then they’ll have to overlook their narrow view of what constitutes a quality drama and give him a place on the Supporting Actor ballot. Hogan might end up carrying the hopes of Battlestar‘s entire awesome cast and crew, but if anyone can handle the task, it’s him.

I could go on all day with a wishlist of potential longshot or first-time nominees — Medium‘s Jake Weber, 30 Rock‘s Tracy Morgan, Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell, Brothers & Sisters‘ Matthew Rhys and Sally Field — but instead, I’ll let you guys take over. Which actors, writers, and shows deserve Emmy nominations? Let the revolution begin in the comments section below!

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