The Harlequin

Genre: Fiction, Mystery and Thriller; Author: Laurell K. Hamilton; Publisher: Berkley

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, returns for her 15th go in Laurel K. Hamilton’s wildly popular paranormal series, but this time she’s the prey. Anita’s been marked by the Harlequin, the vampire secret police, and though they’re supposed to just be watching her and her many lovers, someone’s out for blood. If you’re not used to words like wererats — who knew? — you’ll be tempted to skip ahead to the sex scenes. (Warning: The hookups are not nearly as numerous as you’d expect, considering Anita’s a succubus and all, but they’re as NC-17 as ever.) Longtime fans, however, will get sucked into the juicy political power plays unfolding outside the bedroom in The Harlequin. B

Originally posted June 1 2007 — 12:00 AM EDT

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