Adam Markovitz
June 01, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

We all dream about reliving our favorite childhood experiences. For his first book, Cabin Pressure, Josh Wolk decided to actually do it. In 2003, Wolk took a nine-week break from his job as an EW senior writer to work at the Maine camp where he had spent eight blissful summers swimming and hiking as a camper and counselor in the ’80s. “There were a lot of cracks about bug juice,” says Wolk, 37, of the teasing he got from his colleagues at the time. “My [EW] editor actually demanded some sort of leather craft,” he recalls. “I believe I made her a key chain.”

Wolk’s return to the roughin’-it days of his youth coincided with the run-up to his nuptials with TV talk-show producer Christine Schomer, who he says was “strangely encouraging” about the project. “We were arguing about this wedding so much that she was like, ‘Why don’t you go away for two months and tell your opinions to a bunch of 14-year-old kids?'” Wolk laughs. Now that he has children of his own, is the camp bug finally out of his system? “I’m thrilled that my kids will be able to go to camp,” Wolk says, “but from now on, I can leave it to them.”

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