Michael Slezak
June 11, 2007 AT 07:36 PM EDT

Are you suffering from a “case of the Mondays”? Well, if this YouTube clip (or this one) doesn’t cure it, might I suggest checking out Jeff Victor‘s “bubblehead” drawings? The Los Angeles-based artist’s Wicked Crispy blog (click here to see it) focuses primarily on Star Wars‘ characters — his Jabba the Hutt is particularly delightful — but my favorites are his Spider-Man, Pale Man (from Pan’s Labyrinth), and Batman (which you can view after the jump). 

addCredit(“Spider-Man/Venom and Batman: Courtesy of Jeff Victor”)

Here’s hoping Mr. Victor puts his talent to use on a likeness of my hero — Belmont Stakes-winning filly Rags to Riches. Anyone else you’d like to see him sketch?

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