Michael Slezak
June 15, 2007 AT 08:00 PM EDT

Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, Battlestar Galactica. We all know which shows and casts deeply deserve (but probably won’t get) Emmy nods this year. Heck, we’ve filled up our message boards the last two Fridays discussing the issue. But for every Connie Britton or Michael Emerson or Becki Newton who lands a nomination, another hopeful will be denied.

The good news is that scads of last year’s nominated shows — including The West Wing, Will & Grace, Six Feet Under, Huff, and Malcolm in the Middle — are no longer around, which should free up space for a fresh batch of contenders. But it’s still hard to have much faith in the folks at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, so why not let them know which old warhorses and popular newcomers are not quite Emmy-worthy?

If I had to DQ a series or actor from scoring a nomination, I’d go with NBC’s enjoyable but inconsistent Heroes. Sure, I’ve never missed an episode. And yes, the freshman series had share of enthralling moments (particularly the “Save the Cheerleader” story arc). But Heroes also suffers from some of the clunkiest dialogue on television, not to mention the fact that its trio of pretty-haired male cast members (Sendhil Ramamurthy, Milo Ventimiglia, Santiago Cabrera) all display the kind of limited emotional range that would make them great candidates for The Bachelor but certainly not for television’s most coveted acting prize. Are there any other shows or actors you’re hoping will be denied come July 19? Unleash your inner “bad cop” in the comments section below!

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