Whitney Pastorek
June 16, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Former EW intern Kristin Luna has also been out in the field here in Manchester, sending me missives from the shows I can’t get to (and the bands I’ve seen too much of lately). Thanks to her for these text-messaged observations:

Kings of Leon We only were at Kings for a few songs, but found their crowd tobe disappointly passive and lagging given that they were a) playing atBonnaroo and b) occupying the main stage. It was very generic cookiecutter rock, and as a fan who owns their CDs, I thought they soundedmuch better recorded than live… However, if this is any testimony totheir fanbase, the sound system went out at one point and theycontinued playing on while the crowd gained momentum and carried whatthey lacked in surround sound by singing every lyric for them.

Lily Allen Lily, in typical fashion, said, “Are you drunk yet? I hope you’re as drunk as I am!” and then picked up a bottle of Jaeger and swigged on it between songs. [Ed note: So much for sobriety.] Drunkenly messed up and started singing during a keyboard solo. Took drags of cigarette throughout every song. Told a story about an ex’s small [REDACTED]. Took pictures of the audience and promised to post them on her MySpace page. Most enjoyable show so far — her voice is like syrup, she always engages the audience and constantly has fun.

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