Shirley Halperin
June 22, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Touring is just too much too soon.” That’s how Kelly Clarkson explained the sudden cancellation of her summer arena tour in a June 14 post on her website. The news came less than two weeks before the scheduled release of her third album, My December, which has been the center of controversy in Clarkson’s camp for months. On June 12, news broke that the singer had fired her manager, Jeff Kwatinetz of the Firm; insiders say the split was due to his handling of Clarkson’s public beef with her label, RCA Records, headed by Clive Davis, which she claims pressured her to use proven tunesmiths rather than write the songs herself. In the end, she got her way. (Davis could not be reached for comment.)

The decision to scrap her 38-date trek, however, was purely a numbers game. ”Ticket sales were horrific,” says a source close to Clarkson, adding that Clarkson’s tour last summer ”didn’t sell out. To do bigger rooms made no sense. Plus not knowing how the record was going to do? This project has been so poorly managed. I feel really bad for her.” And it’s not like Clarkson is catching a financial break by calling off the tour. According to one booking insider, ”Kelly [would have been] guaranteed a fee just for showing up. She’s walking away from a pile of money in the interest of career longevity.” So what happens next? At press time, Clarkson had not yet announced her official plans, but the source says an intimate club tour — like Maroon 5’s recent six-city outing — or ”listening sessions with fans, where you talk about why you wrote the songs,” could work. ”It can be fixed.”

Kelly by the Numbers
A look at Kelly Clarkson’s successful post-Idol run

Number of albums sold in the U.S.: 8.4 million

Number of top 10 singles: 7

Number of weeks ‘Since U Been Gone’ spent on the Billboard Hot 100: 46

Number of Grammys won: 2

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