Jason Adams
June 25, 2007 AT 10:50 PM EDT

Certainly by now you have seen the painfully embarrassing Hillary Clinton spoof of the Sopranos finale on her presidential campaign site (a video we critiqued last week here). The clip of her and ex-Prez hubby Bill sitting down in a diner booth a la Tony and Carmela was rigged up to announce the winner of her online campaign song competition. To make the whole stiff parody more cringe-inducing, the tune that her supporters picked — over ones by the likes of U2 and KT Tunstall — was Celine Dion’s “You and I.” (Yeah, prepare for a really long election year, people.)

In the parody clip, the role of the menacing guy who passes the seated couple on the way to the bathroom, perhaps to pick up a pistol stashed Michael Corleone-style, is played by an actual Sopranos star, Vincent Curatola, a.k.a. Mob boss Johnny “Sack” Sacramoni. We caught up with Curatola at last week’s EW 100/Must List party to ask him what his reaction to the video was…

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