Mandi Bierly
June 28, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Yesterday, Bruce Willis donated some of his Die Hard memorabilia to the Smithsonian, which will display them starting July 12 in the National Air and Space Museum’s “Treasures of American History” exhibition. The items included an iconic, once-white wifebeater (pictured), a poster, and a publicity still from the first Die Hard film — recently proclaimed the greatest action movie of all time by EW — and a badge and original script from Live Free or Die Hard, which opened yesterday (to an estimated $9 million). This means John McClane’s tank top is now as important to America as Dorothy’s ruby slippers and Rocky’s boxing gloves. I’m kinda fine with that. You? (If not, what other yet-unenshrined movie artifact would you stand in line to see?)

Also, would you give Live Free of Die Hard a thumbs up or thumbs down? I went to a packed 7 p.m. screening last night and left happy. Try to keep your comments spoiler-free, but do tell if you think that fighter-jet sequence was necessary. (Me, not so much.)

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