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June 28, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT


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Michael Moore
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We gave it an B+

What’s the new gotcha documentary from Michael Moore — that notable crusader for openness and accountability — about? That’s an excellent question, so we called him up. Except he wouldn’t talk about it. Then we asked The Weinstein Co. for some information. And, well, they didn’t have any. What about a photo? Um, nope. And, frankly, we didn’t have time to camp outside Moore’s Manhattan office with a tape recorder and a baseball cap — and no one at EW really has the facial hair for the gig anyway.

So let’s share what we do know. The movie is a documentary. (Obviously.) It’s about the health-care industry. (Hence the title.) And Moore is the star. (When hasn’t he been?) No matter what you think of the Flint, Mich., filmmaker, the man knows his hot-button issues; and given the number of Americans without health care — an estimated 46 million — this is surely one of them. While shooting Sicko, Moore reportedly brought ailing Ground Zero workers to Cuba for treatment, apparently to demonstrate the advantages of socialized medicine. Moore has now directed two of the highest-grossing docs of all time — and he hasn’t lost his flair for the controversial. Whether he chats about this movie or not, we’ll be paying attention. It would be just plain silly not to. (June)

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