Five must-reads by Joyce Carol Oates |


Five must-reads by Joyce Carol Oates

Five must-reads by Joyce Carol Oates -- ''Wonderland,'' ''Blonde,'' and ''The Falls'' are some of our favorites from the prolific author?s repertoire

Don’t have time to read all 117 of her books? Start with these five.

THE FALLS (2004)
This page-turner begins with an unforgettably horrific wedding night, then evolves into a poignant family saga that takes place around Oates’ native Niagara Falls.

The account of a neurotic college girl and her misadventures in a sorority is one of Oates’ most autobiographical novels.

BLONDE (2000)
The history and psyche of Marilyn Monroe are reimagined in 700 riveting pages.

This novella, about a charming politician, a vulnerable young woman, and a car accident, offers a brilliant parallel to Chappaquiddick.

Oates’ brooding early novel tells the absolutely harrowing story of brain surgeon Jesse Vogel and his struggles to live a rational life in a berserk world.

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