Gregory Kirschling
July 06, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Most of the entertainment news floating around the Internet today is about tomorrow’s Live Earth concerts (late breaking! Al Gore has just added a ninth show in Washington D.C., thus outmaneuvering Decepticon Republicans!) The purpose of the mega multi-continent 24-hour carnival — featuring Madonna, Kanye West (pictured), my girl Rihanna, and a zillion others — is to boost consciousness about global warming, of course. But do you care? Uh, you better — what with the fate of the world hanging in the balance and all.

The opening Live Earth planetary downchord clangs tonight at 9:10 EDT in the U.S., which is also 11:10 a.m. tomorrow in Sydney, the first city to erupt in rock ‘n’ roll. (Action in Toyko, New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Hamburg, and presumably D.C. follows.) You can watch all the shows streaming live at, and a schedule of coverage on the various NBC channels and list of your radio options is here. So there you go. Get your lighters out.

addCredit(“Kanye West: Shirlaine Forrest/”)

As for me, I doubt I’ll watch much of it at all. Like any normal person, I buy that we’re cooked unless we do something, but what I really want us to do, frankly, is elect Al Gore president. And for that to happen, the cagey candidate‘s gotta run, no matter how bruised and battered he remains by the 2000 election. Watching Bon Jovi croon out a soulful version of “Livin’ on a Prayer” or somesuch on my laptop this weekend isn’t gonna get me fired up about Live Earth or global warming at this point. Al Gore announcing before screaming masses on some global stage tomorrow that he was gonna take this issue all the way to the presidency would.

What’s your take on this, people? Don’t you think even a failed presidential campaign for Al Gore — with a platform that primarily calls for dealing with global warming — would do more to help fix our “planetary emergency” than a dozen Live Earths?

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