Jason Adams
July 12, 2007 AT 09:00 AM EDT

If you weren’t too preoccupied with sparklers and weenie roasts last week, PopWatchers, you may have come across a story about Live Free or Die Hard leaking online, by the hands of a crafty 38-year-old cyberpunk from Arizona, up onto a site called iklipz, a joint designed for independent filmmakers to upload their wares for all — or at least a few million, according to this data before my eyes — to see.The site took down the pirated material after just 29 viewings, so all in all they’re good people trying to do the right thing. But now you know about iklipz. Yeah, it was a dubious and unfortunate way for us to get there, but now we’re there: iklipz. Apparently, their player is pretty sweet, and to demonstrate this to you, we have a 24-hour exclusive on episode one of iklipz’s new web series called Bridging the Gap, a weekly six-parter consisting of one-on-one conversations between those in the know in the filmmaking community.The premier here is called “How Do I Get My First Breakthrough Role?” which the site will begin “airing” July 12 at 10:00 EST. But for now it’s all ours! [High fives PopWatch army; PopWatch army high fives back] William Fichtner from Crash and Blades of Glory and Prison Break chats with fellow acting homey Bob Levitan. Lights, please!

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