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''Big Brother'''s Carol: ''I wanted to go home''

Carol says she's perplexed by Jessica holding onto an eighth-grade grudge and admits that she made a ''half-assed'' plea to stay on the show because she really just wanted to go home

Big Brother

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Karmically, perhaps 21-year-old Kansas business-school student Carol’s fate was sealed back in eighth grade, when she allegedly failed to pay Jessica back that five dollars. Let that be a lesson to you, readers: crime doesn’t pay! Actually, this time it might have, because judging by this interview with Carol, the season’s first evictee, she was happy to have been booted, even if it was by a vote of 10 to 1. (To read more about this week’s episode and to post your comments, click over to the Big Brother TV Watch.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So what was it like being in the house with your deadliest enemy?
CAROL: I wouldn’t exactly call her my deadliest enemy, but it was definitely awkward and uncomfortable, and it was really hard to be myself, simply because she was there.

Before she told you, did you even know you were enemies?
I had not thought about it in forever, honestly. I thought our conflict from eighth grade was so petty and minuscule that it didn’t even matter.

And to think this would all have been avoided if you’d just paid her back her five dollars.
I don’t even know why she keeps talking about some five dollar thing. I think she just made that up. I can’t even remember what our conflict was about. If she’s really that upset about five dollars, then she’s got other things to worry about.

Do you think Jessica was really mad at you, or was it all just an act?
I have no idea if that was an act. If that was an act, I feel sorry for her, because it just made her seem catty and childish in the long run. Honestly, I don’t know. It was something that happened in eighth grade, and for her to still be angry and bitter about it, I just find that a little pathetic, to be quite honest.

So how were you both cast? I’m guessing that two enemies didn’t happen to both randomly decide to apply for Big Brother.
[She pauses, then quietly confers with a CBS publicist for a moment.] We all went through the whole casting process, but she was cast first and mentioned me, and that’s how I kind of got pulled into it.

So they came looking for you?

Did you have any interest in being on Big Brother before that?
I have never watched the show, and I had no intentions of ever auditioning or going through with it. The first time I watched the show was during the audition process.

[At this point, the CBS publicist interrupts and asks to move to a different topic, as they’d like to keep the casting process ”mysterious.”]

Okay, moving on. Having never watched the show before, was it what you expected?
For the most part it was. I knew exactly that no one in the house can be trusted, and everything happens randomly and you have to go with the luck of the draw. Think about it: the enemies thing? Should I have been up in the HOH room when it started, and Jessica was up on the mushroom, she would be the one in my position right now. It was just luck of the draw that I got put in that position, not her.

Was there a point in the show when you thought, ”I’ve made a terrible mistake by coming on this thing”?
From the minute they picked me up I thought it was a mistake. But I’m hoping that some good comes from it, and it was definitely an experience I’ll never forget and something I don’t take for granted.

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