Amy Ryan
July 18, 2007 AT 04:15 AM EDT

Attention, Potterphiles: EW needs your help. We’re looking for examples of Harry Potter’s influence on pop culture. That is, we’re seeking references to the boy wizard and his world that have cropped up outside the Potter books and films themselves. Example: the time on Friends that Ross wished he had an invisibility cloak like Harry’s, or the allusion in Love Actually, where British prime minister Hugh Grant includes Harry Potter on a list of things that have made England great (also on his list: Shakespeare, the Beatles, and David Beckham’s legs).

Spoofs count, too, like Daniel Radcliffe’s self-parodying guest spot on Extras or J.K. Rowling’s incisive cameo on The Simpsons, as well as the more extensive Potter parody from one of The Simpsons‘ Halloween specials. What other citations can you think of? As a reward for your suggestions, you get to watch the clip below of the famous Saturday Night Live Hogwarts sketch, featuring a certain unlikely SNL-er as Harry and Lindsay Lohan as a distractingly voluptuous Hermione. Oh, and we’ll also award 50 points to Gryffindor.

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