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Mandi Bierly
July 27, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

He stood for loyalty and integrity…by lying down and pretending to suck on a bottle like a baby. Who says Mike Dutz, the 26-year-old painting contractor from Three Lakes, Wis., doesn’t have personality? Okay, most of his Big Brother housemates, who evicted him Thursday night by a vote of 7 to 2. Here, he explains why he wasn’t the bell of the BB ball, and why Dick really is Evil.

ENTERTAINMENT WEKLY: What was your strategy coming into the house? You’ve been a mystery to a lot of people.

MIKE DUTZ: My strategy was to kind of pick everybody’s brain, and try to get a base for what [they were like when what] they were telling me was true. Then start asking them questions that they could possibly fabricate on and see if I saw any deviation in their mannerisms. I wanted to get a sense of when they were lying. And then hopefully, if that person was a liar, catch them down the road in some sort of a lie and then have a reason to nominate them or turn the house against them. It was very hard going into it that way, because not all the people wanted to open up to me so early on. I’d try to carry conversation with people and it was sort of one-sided, and the conversation basically ended when I ran out of questions for people. They just didn’t want to reciprocate. So then I started to lay back and let people do their thing and tried to take in as much as I could. I later found out that people felt threatened by that mystery of me not revealing information to anyone.

What kind of questions were you asking them?

Oh gosh, I don’t actually remember. [Laughs]

Dustin said he felt like he didn’t know you at all. Did you put more of yourself out there than the players are giving you credit for?

The very first week I definitely made my attempts to go around and connect with people and relate to them. Again, there were certain people that I tried to hold conversation with and they’re very one-dimensional and didn’t want to carry conversation. I’m more of an intellectual-type person and like to talk about important things. I hate to gossip and I hate to have my only talk around the house be cutting other people down, and there was a lot of that going on. So I just sort of took myself out of those scenarios and didn’t want anything to stab me in the foot. Those I did get through to in the first week were the ones I kinda stuck to. For those who really didn’t know me, they never really reciprocated or made the attempt either.

Let’s get to the POV competition. As you know, you taunting Dick for Kail’s sake, when he had the power to put you on the chopping block beside her, has been called the dumbest move in Big Brother history. Did you believe Dick when he was saying he’d nominate you?

Oh yeah, I absolutely believed him. I knew I was putting myself out there, and regardless of whether or not I’d done it, if Jen still would’ve won, I would have been the one going up on the block. I was next in his line. I think I would have been first in his line for nomination, only Kail upset him quite a bit and so he made her his No. 1 target. I was second because he thought I was the brains of the Mrs. Robinson alliance. And then obviously with the alliance of four being spelled out, his next target was Zach and then Nick. So again, I knew if Jen won, I’d be [the replacement nomination], so I thought I would take that opportunity to display my values and make people think a little bit and hopefully persuade them to trust in me.

How long were you actually working on getting Dick to laugh during that competition?

It was probably over the course of 20-25 minutes.

I don’t know which costume was my favorite: the French maid, the baby, the hula dancer, or the whipped cream. I think it was the baby.

I thought the baby costume was going to get him, because by far, that was my favorite. But apparently, that wasn’t enough to make his glass fall off the hat.

How long were you actually on the ground pretending to suck on that bottle?

Probably like a minute. [Laughs]

Are you looking forward to hearing your family and friends’ reactions to those scenes?

Absolutely. I can’t wait to actually sit down and watch episodes with them and see how it was actually shown and how they perceived it.

NEXT PAGE: ”There may be a reason why the relationship with [Dick] and Daniele is so bad and why they haven’t talked in so long and she’s embarrassed to maybe be around him. I mean, I could completely see that.”


When I talked to Joe last week, he said he knew there had been a shift in voting and that he would be going home. Did you think you were leaving?

Earlier on, in the afternoon on Wednesday when I was campaigning, I felt very strong about staying in the house. But later on that night, after going through a number of other people, I noticed that people who I thought the votes were gonna be there from were acting quite mysterious. Their body language wasn’t coming off the way it would if they were really gonna side with me. By the morning on Thursday, I kinda had a feeling that it was gonna be me. So I was prepared.

How much time did you spend on your speech? It was well done.

I came up with it an hour before the actual ceremony. I didn’t want to trip over any words, and I wanted to have a direction to go in on the live show. I think it went fairly well and came out the way I wanted it to.

What did you think of Kail’s ”Let me stay so we can build the bonds we’ve started to grow” speech? It sounded a little?weird to someone watching the show.

It certainly came off weird, and I don’t think anyone really bought it. I think the only reason she stayed around is because they can sort of use her to their advantage now for the next week or two, and they got out a stronger player.

So you do think you had more game than her?

She kinda dealt her cards too fast and was rash in her decision, and kinda put us in the position that we got in — being the reason I’m sitting here now talking to you on the phone. My gameplay wasn’t exactly working out to my advantage, but I think it was working out a little more than Kail’s.

You were almost HOH last week instead of Dick. Who would you have nominated?

I would’ve nominated Dick and Daniele for the second week in a row. [Laughs] They were basically a vote for each other. If one or the other was on the block, it would automatically be a vote for that person to stay. It was just a good strategy to take away that vote.

Were you at all intimidated by Dick? What are your thoughts on his game?

For one, he didn’t intimidate me. I came into the game knowing it’s a game. It’s not real life. So all the threats in the world, the intimidations he tried to throw at me, were just knocked down because what’s the worst that’s gonna happen: I get voted out of the game. Big deal. Life goes on. That’s just the way I took it. It wasn’t hard for me to leave. But with his gameplay with other people, I think it’s poor on his behalf that he has to cut down their character and stoop to that level. He’s just hot-tempered. There may be a reason why the relationship with him and Daniele is so bad and why they haven’t talked in so long and she’s embarrassed to maybe be around him. I mean, I could completely see that. But his actions speak for themselves, and people can make their own judgment on that.



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