Nisha Gopalan
July 27, 2007 AT 07:48 PM EDT

On Thursday, Paramount stole the day — and possibly the entire four-day Comic-Con show — with their drool-worthy, standing-room-only, two-hour presentations. Here’s what we learned…

The fans like them some Iron Man. And Paramount like them some Black Sabbath, based on the three or so times they cued the band’s song “Iron Man” (if only Beavis & Butthead figured in somehow). Superskinny director Jon Favreau — who told EW he’s lost 80 pounds (“I just ate less”) — introduced his trailer, which featured Robert Downey Jr. effortlessly nailing the role of Tony Stark, the cocky billionaire who dons a metallic suit after a near-mortal injury. Biggest nerdgasm: Watching I-Man fly the sky in his Mark III suit with jet propulsion capabilities… in his freakin’ hands!

Steven Spielberg led a taped on-set message from the Indiana Jones cast on-set and in costume: Harrison Ford, Ray Winstone, and Shia LaBeouf inexplicably, though perhaps tellingly, wearing biker gear. The big announcement: Karen Allen (pictured, with Spielberg, on the Indy IV set) will reprise her role of the whiskey-swilling Marion Ravenwood from 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark. This almost makes up for the absence of Temple of Doom‘s Short Round. Almost.

Damn you, J.J. “Tight Lips” Abrams! We actually know less about your untitled Cloverfield monster movie than we did going in.

Paramount cruelly dangled a carrot in front of us — the logo for Sweeney Todd — only to pull a bait and switch by showing us this poster (but, to be fair, a cool poster).

Okay, we take back what we said about Tight Lips Abrams. He did confirm the long-standing rumor that in his upcoming Star Trek, Heroes‘ Sylar, Zachary Quinto, will play Spock. As will Leonard Nimoy. That’s right, people: Two Spocks for the price of one movie. Quinto stars as the Vulcan in his younger years, Nimoy as the elder Spock. When asked why he’d revisit the pointy-eared smarty-pants of his past, Nimoy said: “The answer is, it was logical.”

addCredit(“Karen Allen and Steven Spielberg: David James”)

What’s this? Stardust might not suck after all! Introduced by English screenwriter Neil Gaiman (the Frank Miller of this year, also touting his other Hollywood project, Beowulf),the genuinely goofy scene from this fantasy movie followed a witch (awell-humored Michelle Pfeiffer) as she hatches a plan to — stay with ushere — catch an anthropomorphized star (Claire Danes) by using twogoats, an inn, and some magic.

Why must you toy with us so, Hot Rod? First, we were psyched to see a teaming of our favorite SNLhipster talents — not-ready-for-primetime player Andy Samberg,bit-player Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer, who directed digitalshorts like “D— in a Box.” Then we saw the trailers, which teeter closer to cluelessly lame than ironically funny. But now, Hot Rod,you gotta come to Con and unleash some priceless footage of motor-bikeracer Samberg’s angsty dance sequence, which gleefully apes moves fromKevin Bacon in Footloose with a hint of Jennifer Beals’ Flashdance.

Not to be outdone, Lost… okay, they were outdone. Still,later that day, the cryptic comedy duo of producers Damon Lindelof andCarlton Cuse kept fans on their toes with their quick wits. Ready tosound desk bells at their sides — should the other start to disclosetoo much, you know, clarity — the duo welcomed returning actor HaroldPerrineau (Michael) to the stage, after emphasizing how bummed theywere that news of his return as a cast regular was leaked at aTelevision Critics Association event (by ABC) instead of at Comic-Con.

Though loath to reveal any more details about season 4, they did tipoff fans to a few, often cryptic, coming attractions. Jack and Clairewill likely figure out that they’re brother and sister. We’ll find outwhy Ben came to the survivors’ side of the island in the first place.The Kate/Jack “flash-forward” in the last episode last season does nottake place at the end of the series. Libby, who’s backstory will beexplained this season, may have been a Dharma employee. And rememberthose  mobisodes? They’ll hopefully, finally launch in the fall.The pair also tipped Con-goers off to a few questions fans should beasking: “Who’s in the coffin?” and “Who’s on the freighter, and what dothey want?” Then just when you thought you couldn’t get more confused,the duo unveiled another choppy Dharma Initiative reel, which you cansee by going to today at 5 p.m.

So what do you think about this new Dharma footage? Red herring? Packed with clues?

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