Dawnie Walton
August 01, 2007 AT 02:00 PM EDT

This morning we unveiled the top 25 movies on our list of the 50 greatest weepies of all time (see Nos. 50-26 here). I actually teared up while remembering little Huckleberry Fox and his scrunchy face in Terms of Endearment, and reading about Steel Magnolias‘ funeral scene transported me back to age 13 and my Jacksonville, Fla., living room, where I watched this movie on VHS with my mom and literally heaved for the very first time. (On the floor. Yes, Sally Field totally wrecked me.)

Still, there was one movie I tried to fight for in our recent staff meeting about this list, but no one was really feeling me. I’m talking about Love, Actually, which I saw on opening weekend in a packed New York theater in 2003. I can’t explain why, but from the moment that movie started till the moment it ended, I was a blubbering mess. It went something like this: I’m sad! I’m happy! Poor Laura Linney! Awwww…that’s so cute! Oh no Emma Thompson please don’t cry!

So I’m thinking there must be a movie or two you guys thought belonged on this list — tell us what, and why.

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