Mandi Bierly
August 02, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

What do you say to the man who’s heard everything? (That’s a NSFW clip, y’all.) You say you’re sorry that you worried his cameo in Live Free or Die Hard would be grating— turns out it was way funnier than the trailer made it look. You say that you actually tried to listen to his Catch and Release commentary track with the film’s director, but got bored waiting for them to talk about Timothy Olyphant. And you say that you’re hoping someone asks him about Olyphant tonight — when Smith celebrates his 37th birthday with an onstage Q&A at Red Bank’s Count Basie Theatre — and reports back in.

P.S. You also say that you’re not suprised that there are still some $75 tickets available to the event.

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