Shirley Halperin
August 02, 2007 AT 07:49 PM EDT

L.A. hotspot Boulevard 3 was blazing last night as Showtime and Lionsgate Entertainment celebrated the upcoming premieres of Weeds and Californication (August 13). No thanks to some horrendous (and typical) cross-town traffic, I missed the screening, which was held earlier at the Cinerama theater (though I have seen the first few episodes of Weeds and, let me tell you, this season will not disappoint), but at least I got to the afterparty nice and early.

Like, first. Still, I was able to avoid the drink lines and get a bite to eat. Of course, the buffet was munchies heaven: everything from burgers (veggie and meat) and onion rings to mini-lettuce-head salads, and I think I even saw steak. I couldn’t go near the dessert spread, but it had loads of make-it-yourself options and looked delish. No skimping here.

And while the Californication girls (tall, lanky babes in tiny leopard-skin bikinis) did their jobs (to sit around and look sexy), I did mine, checking out the indoor area where I was impressed once more. This time, by the decor: plastic (but surprisingly realistic-looking) plants at every corner and atop the bar, plus a giant joint mobile (above) hung from the ceiling like a chandelier, which puffed out wafts of smoke every few minutes. I couldn’t help but chuckle every time it did. Kind of genius, maybe even the highlight of the party.

Oh yeah, and there were some celebrities there, too. I saw Californication star David Duchovny surrounded by a bevy of blondes. From the Weedscast: Mary-Louise-Parker, Kevin Nealon, Andy Milder and Justin Kirkmade appearances, along with this season’s guest star Matthew Modine,who plays the head of a mega-church in neighboring Majestic. Mary-KateOlsen, who plays his daughter, was a no-show (though she was at thescreening). So was Carrie Fisher, to my dismay. But I was psyched tospot Garry Shandling across the room. The last time I saw him wasbackstage at the Police’s Dodger stadium show, randomly enough.

And speaking of random, what do we think about Mary-Kate Olsenplaying a Bible-thumping girl-next-door? At Showtime’s TCA day earlierthis month (during which, I couldn’t help but notice, the Weedspanel began at exactly 4:20 — purely by coincidence, creator JenjiKohan later assured me), Olsen told a room of TV critics that sheauditioned for the part because she was a big fan of the show. AndKohan added that she nailed the read-through with Hunter Parrish, whoplays her love interest, Silas. I didn’t see Factory Girl,featuring her cameo as a Warhol-era scenester, so my last experiencewith the Olsens’ acting skills was the utterly forgettable New York Minute late one night in my pre-On Demand days when there must’ve been absolutely nothing on. Can she pull it off, PopWatchers?

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