Owen Gleiberman
August 03, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

What television show made the best film?

What television show was best adapted into a motion picture at least a decade after the series was canceled? — Sean

If you don’t count the Star Trek films, and you put that question to a group of movie and TV buffs, I’d wager that The Fugitive would come out on top. The series ended its run in 1967, a good 26 years before the 1993 Harrison Ford/Tommy Lee Jones movie — and so it was a highly pleasurable shock when a show that seemed a comfy relic of an older America begat such a hip, intense chase thriller. Personally, though, I’d have to place The Fugitive as runner-up in this particular sweepstakes. The winner, for me, is 1995’s The Brady Bunch Movie, which didn’t just turn that infamously icky-wholesome series into a priceless celebration of American cheese. It went The Fugitive one better by capitalizing on just how long it had been. The Bradys, viewed with 20 years’ hindsight, were now so luscious in their moronic innocence that the film, in spirit, more or less launched the whole ”I Love the ’70s” vibe.

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