Michael Slezak
August 06, 2007 AT 06:48 PM EDT

So last night, I finally got around to seeing Transformers, and it was pretty much everything I’d expected: Noisy, mindless, frantic, and ultimately quite enjoyable. Well, enjoyable with the exception of John Turturro’s awesomely awful performance as Agent Simmons. With his wild-eyed, smirking, “look how krrrr-ay-zeeee I am!” antics, it was as if Turturro (pictured, right, with Jon Voight) was performing in an altogether different movie — and not a very good one. His performance was so distracting, in fact, that I kept wishing director Michael Bay had used some of his special-effects budget to replace the actor with a walking, talking ham sandwich. At least that would’ve scored a chuckle or two, which is more than I can say for Turturro.

Anyhow, I’m wondering if anyone else out there thinks Turturro ought to be on the short-list for a Razzie nomination at year’s end? And on a broader note, what are some of the supporting performances you’ve found completely unbearable in movies you’ve otherwise enjoyed? Let’s build a special PopWatch Hall of Shame in the comments section below!

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