Adam B. Vary
August 06, 2007 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Two new trailers for two films out this fall/winter, one of ’em all with the prestige-y, the other all with the cheesy, have just hit the ‘Net. Guess which one stars Nicolas Cage?

First up, October’s War on Terror drama Rendition, about an Egyptian-American family man who’s nabbed by the U.S. for being a suspected terrorist and flown to a friendly Arab country where he can be interrogated outside the bounds of American law. Reese Witherspoon plays the man’s American wife, Jake Gyllenhaal’s the CIA agent observing her husband’s foreign minders, Meryl Streep’s the government heavy who authorizes the transfer, and Peter Sarsgaard is the senator’s aide Reese turns to for help. The preview starts out with that old standby, the “I’ll see you when you get back (when I really won’t)” foreshadowing phone call, and then lays out the all too unnervingly real story with perhaps a touch too much exposition — I personally didn’t need to know exactly what “rendition” actually means, mostly ’cause I like a little mystery in my movie trailers. But overall, this film looks like it’s aces.


After the jump, we’ll bite into the new studio pitch for the next National Treasure flick.

To be fair, December’s fun-and-games-with-American-history adventure sequel National Treasure: Book of Secretsis actually still in production, so it’s not like director JonTurteltaub was all with the time to help shape this trailer intosomething less, er, clunky. And the flick’s plot-starting device — thediscovery of one of the 18 missing pages from John Wilkes Booth’s diary— is a pretty savvy reference to a real historical mystery. But, jeez,does this flick look like it’s all with the Kraft sandwich slices.”Unlocking the mystery… the world. Isn’t ready. To believe.” Aliens.You know it’s going to be aliens.

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