Michael Slezak
August 08, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Last night’s episode of Damages reminded me of a classic scene from Mommie Dearest in which Joan Crawford beats her young daughter in back-to-back swimming contests, then merrily declares, “You lost again!” I could almost imagine Glenn Close’s win-at-all-costs attorney Patty Hewes making a similar declaration after — ** spoiler alert! ** — having her son kidnapped on a street corner and driven off to a hardcore reform school. Granted, the kid had it coming, seeing as he’d surreptitiously mailed a hand grenade to mom’s office, and left a similar surprise in dad’s glove compartment, but Close (pictured) always lets us see that twisted side of Patty where we know that, amidst the pain of dealing with her son’s criminal activities, she takes a sick pleasure in showing him who’s really in charge.

It’s fun watching Patty toy with Ellen, too, although unfortunately, Rose Byrne never changes her character’s expression from one of blissfully vapidity. Seriously? This is one of America’s great, young legal minds? Here’s hoping as the season progresses, we’ll get new and equally matched foes for Patty. You know the inevitable showdown with Ted Danson’s deliciously ambiguous Frobisher is gonna be a doozy.

How did you feel about last night’s Damages? And how do you hope the rest of the season plays out?

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