Mandi Bierly
August 09, 2007 AT 07:30 PM EDT

Nine-months-pregnant Antoria Gillon went into labor on Monday while waiting to audition for American Idol in Dallas. According to the Fox press release that announced this Idol first, “Determined not to miss her shot at fame, Gillon sang her best while in the midst of contractions. After completing the audition and learning she will return for the next round, Gillon was taken to a local hospital, where she gave birth to a healthy son — whom she named Jamil Labarron Idol McCowan.”

Obviously, Mom wasn’t thinking clearly, or she’d have capitalized even more blatantly on the built-in branding opportunity; she should’ve named him Jamil Labarron Ford Coca-Cola Idol McCowan.

Upon hearing the newborn’s wail, Simon Cowell said, “That was horrible. The worst I’ve ever heard.” Randy Jackson said, “I’m just not feelin’ you, dawg, but you know what? You did the best you could, and that was aiight.” Paula Abdul said something that only the newborn understood.

Is Antoria insane, or already the best Idol contestant ever?

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