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'Lost' (S3): Shooting down three rumors

Returning from his post-season 3 hiatus, Doc Jensen gets to the bottom of three popular rumors, and breaks down theories about ''The Fly,'' ''The Prestige,'' and the Orchid film

‘Lost’ (S3): Shooting down three rumors

Nature abhors a vacuum. So do Lost fans. With no new episodes until February, Losties are filling the dead space with curious claims about the forthcoming fourth season. Because public service is just the way Doc Jensen rolls, I decided to investigate.

RUMOR: ABC is moving Lost to the notorious ”death slot” of broadcast television — Friday night, 9 p.m.
SOURCE: According to thetailsection.com, Damon Lindelof himself suggested that the show was on the move during his recent appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego.
WHAT DOES DOC J THINK? Friday, 9 p.m. is the stuff of legend in cult pop circles. This was the slot that launched The X-Files — and killed Firefly. Moving Lost to this day and time would be a tacit admission that the series is no longer a mainstream show.
THE PRODUCERS SAY: ”I cannot imagine in a zillion years that ABC would do that,” says Damon Lindelof, who can’t recall saying anything at Comic-Con that would justify this rumor.

RUMOR: The producers have offered Swedish thespian Peter Stormare — best known in recent years for playing marble-mouthed, throat-slashed, spiritually conflicted bad guy John Abruzzi in Prison Break — a role in Lost’s fourth season.
SOURCE: Various fansites, citing a Swedish newspaper’s interview with Stormare in which he himself makes the claim that he was mulling the offer from Lost.
WHAT DOES DOC J THINK? I dug Stormare in Fargo — he was Steve Buscemi’s silent, psycho partner. And those crazy VW car commercials he made were hilariously weird. I once interviewed him on the set of Prison Break. Quirky dude.
THE PRODUCERS SAY: ”Not true,” says Carlton Cuse.

RUMOR: The producers have offered 2007 Best Actor Oscar winner Forest Whitaker a two-episode gig in the upcoming season.
SOURCE: Various fansites.
WHAT DOES DOC J THINK? Sounds cool to me. I once interviewed Whitaker on the set of First Daughter, the Katie Holmes movie that he directed. Nice guy, though he threw me when he likened First Daughter to Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha. Then again, this was before my Doc Jensen conversion; now, I can probably better appreciate such insane — err, I mean, genius!
THE PRODUCERS SAY:: ”Also utterly false!” says Cuse.

Tune in each month for more Rumor Control. Who knows? Maybe someday, one of these tall tales will actually be true!

UPDATE: For the record, the sources for the Stormare and Whitaker rumors appear to be DarkUFO.com, which posted the scuttlebutt in its Rumours section. The rumors were then picked up by other fan sites. Moreover, thetailsection.com did not start a rumor that Lost was moving to the 9 p.m. timeslot on Friday. (I apologize for the bad reporting there.) What thetailsection.com DID report was that at Comic-Con, Lindelof allegedly made a comment that some people interpreted to be a subtle hint that the show might be moving to Friday night. The site — which acknowledged that it had no idea what Lindelof actually said — then polled its readers on what they thought of the possibility. The runner of thetailsection.com believes that this kind of activity should not be characterized as rumor-mongering. Regardless, Lindelof’s response stands.

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